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The low surface tensions of silicone oils gives them an additional "utility":
A very small amount of silicone antifoam destroys immediately the foam in every liquid and prevents the building up of new foam for a period of time.
This property makes it possible to exploit at its best the manufacturing process of liquids: there is no fear of overflowing in centrifuges and mixers, filling machines that are precise in their liquid dosage. The problem of bubbles in paints is solved, as is the odor in sewage.
In textile, processes like HT and JET are made possible.
Agricultural and industrial sprayers perform homogeneously and continuously.
A range of antifoams of different concentrations is offered, some of them adapted and approved for food and Kashruth.
Part of them on a silicone basis and part of them without silicone.
The amount required: from 5 units per million in concentrated products and up to 0.1% in diluted products.
The product may be diluted in water or in solvents, as required.

Food Grade - For Export :



  • Nosil ™ Types of 2003,
    Strictly Kosher NonSilicone Antifoam Emulsion As well as Powder & self-emulsified Paste.