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Silicaid® 1010 is a grease-like silicone compound with high thermal conductivity, good releasing power, good water repellency, excellent insulation properties, low surface tension, good stability to high temperatures.
This product is available also in an aerosol package under the trade name Silicaid® 306-Α and as solution in organic solvents under the trade name Silicaid®.
Silicaid® 1010 is formulated to meet the requirements of MIL-S-8660 & MIL-C-21567 (salt spray resistance).


  • For coating high tension insulators, protecting them against contamination and thus avoiding corona discharge, surface leaking, etc.
  • For water repellency in ignition systems, batteries, connectors, etc.
  • As valve seal lubricant in industry and laboratories.
  • As release agent in the plastic & rubber manufacturing.
  • As protective coat of O-rings & rubber parts.
  • Anti-corrosive protection for screw-threads in ammunition & military industries.

Silicaid® type 306/50 is a special silicone paste dispersion for high voltage insulators.
It can be sprayed with airless spray installations in thinnest layers.
The silicone spray can be directed sharp at the joint of the insulators. This can prevent need of brushes and rag applications.
Silicaid® 306/50 leavens a paste film with penetration of 210-250.
A film of 1-2 mm gives an excellent protection for two years and more, (depending on the ecological surrounding).

Silicaid® type 101 FG is a grease-like silicone compound with excellent lubrication properties between Potting-materials (plastics, rubbers etc.) to themselves or other materials.
Silicaid® 101 FG was specially developed for use in the Food & Drugs processing
Silicaid® 101 FG is formulated to meet the requirement of FDA 21 CFR 173.340 and 175.300 and it may be used safely in the food and its allied industries.

Silicaid® type 1011 is a soft & very easy to brush non Food grade counter part to the 101 FG, is has improved lubrication properties.

Silicaid ® type 102 is a very firm, viscous silicone paste that is slightly sticky. With little difference of consistency under medium shear forces,it does not melt or oxidize and its chemically inert.
Used primarily as a valve lubricant and sealant on glass rubber, plastic. Shows good adhesion, to a variety of surfaces.

Silicaid ® type 103 is a silicone heat sink compound with high thermal conductivity, low bleed, high temperature stability and good dielectric constant. These properties make it an ideal material for heat sink in the electronic field.
Silicaid ® 103 is formulated to meet the requirements of MIL-C-47113 & MIS-11137.