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  1. Technical Aerosols & Contract filling

  2. Aidchim is specializing in the production and development of technical aerosols for a large range of uses and according to strict standards.

  3. Product:
    • Release Agents: silicone and non-silicone sprays to prevent adhesion in the production of all kinds of plastic, rubber, polyurethane, epoxy, adhesives, nylons, glass, resins, etc.

    • Insulation, sealing, coating - silicone and other greases and resins: for electric and thermo insulation, for coating electronic circuits, for sealing off humidity, for coating metallic products, for repairing plastic articles, etc.
    1. Anti-corrosion protection - sprays to protect metallic products in storage for short,
      medium and long periods of time. To repel moisture and to protect electric motors and electronic systems.
      To protect rubber products from amortization in long-term storing. For maintenance, garages and other uses.
      In many cases, the aerosols are produced according to US. Military Specifications (Mil Specs).

    2. Cleaning Systems: sprays to clean electric and electronic contacts, fine magnetic heads and tapes,
      aviation systems, optics, engines, plastic products, rubber, glass, etc.

    3. Developments according to demand - the aerosol department develop with the laboratory's help new technical products, which are adapted to the client's requirements.

    4. Contract filling of Aerosols.