Products >> V.C.I. 9101 (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor)

  • VcAid™ is a group of special modern anti corrosion products which protect by its vapor any article that completely surrounded by it in an enclosed space. No direct contact between the V.C.I. material and the metal is required. Moisture and oxygen are necessary for corrosion to take place. VcAid™ does not react with or removed by either of them. To the contrary VcAid™ will operate successfully in their presence and inhibit their corrosive action.
  • We produce:
    • VcAid™ powders.
    • VcAid™ Pastes.
    • VcAid™ Solutions - (Solvent based).
    • VcAid™ WBS - (Water Based Solutions).
    • VcAid™ Aerosols.